The Adria dovetail saw is a labor of love and its manufacturer put a lot of care and attention into it. In our opinion, this is the finest dovetail saw made anywhere. This information describes proper use and care for this saw, so it can serve you well and last for generations.

The blade on your saw has been protected with a light coat of paste wax. You can remove this layer with alcohol or paint thinner before using the saw.

Wipe the sawdust off the blade after use if you don't intend to use the saw for a few days. Sawdust can attract humidity and cause rusting on the blade. In addition, it is a good idea to apply a light coat of paste wax to the blade if you don't intend to use the saw for a longer time.

Holding the Saw
The saw handle is intended to be gripped with three fingers: middle, ring and little finger. The index finger rests on the handle along the brass back.

Sawing Instructions
Your saw has been precision sharpened and tested by making straight cuts in hardwood.

It is important to understand how to properly start the cut. The Adria dovetail saw comes very sharp and if too much pressure is applied when starting the cut, the teeth will dig into the wood and the saw will appear to "grab" the wood and jump in the kerf.

The proper technique is to apply very little downward pressure during the first few strokes, until the kerf is established.

Put your index finger or the thumb of your other hand next to the blade in order to stabilize it. Then start the forward motion with the saw, which will lightly score the surface of the wood.

Once these first few light strokes create the kerf, more pressure can be applied and the saw will start cutting with full speed.

It is completely unnecessary to start the kerf with a backward motion of the saw.
When starting the cut, the blade can be under any angle relative to the top of the stock. The standard way is to have the cutting edge parallel to the surface of the wood. However, some people find it easier to tilt the blade backwards and start the cut on the edge closer to them. Then again, the maker of this saw tilts the blade forwards and starts the cut on the edge away from him. In other words, this is a completely personal preference.

Please keep in mind that once the cut is started, it will not be possible to change its direction. This is due to the smallest possible amount of set being applied to the saw teeth, which results in thin kerf and fast cutting. With little practice, you'll learn to aim the saw well and cut along the intended line.

Your saw should require very infrequent sharpening since the blade is made out of the best steel available. If you're using this saw for hobby purposes, you may need to sharpen it only once every few years.

The Adria dovetail saw is filed rip, which is a very simple profile to sharpen. You can easily do it yourself with a little practice.

Use 5" double extra slim taper file to file teeth on the saw. Take two thin pieces of straight wood and clamp them on both sides of the saw blade, so that the top of the wood is slightly above the bottom of the gullet on the teeth.

Take one light swipe with a file on each tooth. All teeth can be filed from the same side. The file will leave a small grove in the two pieces of wood if they have been positioned properly. This small grove is a good indication of the depth of filing. One light swipe per tooth is all that is needed and if the swipes are consistent, you will never need to joint your saw.

The teeth on the saw should be set so that the total width of the kerf is 0.026" or 0.003" per side. If the set becomes too small due to the use or filing, the teeth will need to be set. To set the teeth, use the Somax saw-set available at Lee Valley or an older saw-set like the Stanley 42X. In both cases you will need to grind down the plunger on these saw-sets because they are too wide for the small teeth on the Adria dovetail saw.

Sharpening Services
Unfortunately, our good friend Steve Cooke, who was handling re-sharpening of Adria saws, has passed away. We are currently searching for someone capable of taking over this service. Feel free to send us suggestions if you know someone qualified.

Our Guarantee
There is no way you can possibly evaluate this saw in the measly 30 days that some firms give you as a return period. In fact, many firms won't allow you to return the product at all unless it was defective. If you want to order this saw, I insist that you do so entirely at MY RISK. That is why it comes with a No Risk, No Hassle, 100% Unconditional One Year MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE. What I mean is, I want you to order without feeling you might "get taken". I am a well respected saw maker with a reputation I plan on keeping. It's my name and my reputation that is on the line. Therefore, I want you to order this fantastic saw today...learn how to use it...put it into practice and then decide if it was worth the small investment into your woodworking skills. If for any reason you aren't completely satisfied, simply return it in salable condition for an immediate refund of your purchase price. You simply can't lose!