This saw made Adria saws known as high quality, well performing and good looking tools. It will cut fast and straight leaving a smooth surface. Blade is high quality spring steel hardened to RC52. Handle is carefully shaped and will fit hand perfectly. Use this saw for cutting dovetails and making all kinds of small joinery cuts.


A. Adria Dovetail Saw with Bubinga handle



Not available until further notice

Dovetail Saw specifications:

  • Blade is filed rip, has 15 tpi, kerf width is 0.025", blade itself is 0.020" thick.
  • Blade is made of high quality spring steel hardened to RC52.
  • Open type handle, made of Bubinga (African Rosewood). Red-brown color, very strong.
  • Sturdy brass back with milled groove for the blade.
  • Blade size (useful part) is 8"x2".
  • Two brass bolts with split nuts.
  • Re-sharpening service provided

***********    Notice  ************

This model is not in production at the moment.


Making hand-cut dovetails is a real pleasure when the right tools are used. Consider for example dovetails on this photo. They are double curved because both boards are curved. This is an unusual joint and it was made with the Adria dovetail saw featured here.

Making these dovetails using power tools would be a challenge because of the geometry of the pins. Note that the angle between the vertical side of the pin and the bottom of the recess for tails is different on each side of the pin.

To do this with a router, one would need two different router bits, each with a different angle of cut, a custom made jig, lot of time spent.

The beauty of making these dovetails with a dovetail saw is that you just mark and cut.

There are many other benefits of making dovetails using a quality dovetail saw.

In addition to the pleasure of developing a real skill, making hand cut dovetails is quiet, relaxing and safe. There is no noise, dust and you get to keep all your fingers!

You can listen to your favorite music. If you have small kids they get to play around while you cut wood. I keep my workbench in the living room and I'm present at all times. Making dovetails by hand can just be so convenient.

Time is not an issue because unless one does production quantities, typical hobbyist has plenty of time and is not limited by deadlines. Hand-cut dovetails become surprisingly fast once enough practice has been done, so this makes time even less of an issue.

Now a little bit about this beautiful dovetail saw that I make:
This saw will cut very aggressively because of the precise sharpening. I do a test cut with every saw before it is shipped and I make sure that it cuts flawlessly. The saw that you receive will cut fast, track straight and leave thin kerf.

A lot of attention has been paid to the design of the handle. This handle fits to your hand like a glove. The handle is made out of Bubinga and has a pleasant red-brown tone.

The combination of exotic wood handle and brass back makes this saw look very attractive. You know my saws are looking good when that woman (who wasn't a woodworker) picked up my dovetail saw and exclaimed:

Wow, this is a piece of art!

This makes it easier to justify the purchase of this saw to all male woodworkers who are having trouble with obtaining their SWMBO's (she who must be obeyed) approval. Just say - honey, I'm getting a piece of art! You can be sure she will be pleasantly surprised once you place this saw in her hands. I have seriously heard this comment from a number of my satisfied clients.

Don't think that this dovetail saw is supposed to be used only for dovetails. This is an excellent all purpose saw useful for all kinds of precise cuts. It can be used for cutting tenons, even cross-cutting smaller boards. Despite being sharpened rip, it will make fine crosscuts because of the fine, relatively small teeth.

This saw is a marriage of good performance and elegant form. It is meticulously finished and made to high quality standards. As I make these saws on a part-time basis, the quantities are limited and it may happen that I'll have to put you on a waiting list.

I'm trying to keep the waiting period as short as possible, but to be on a safe side, order early and don't lose your spot to someone else. To order , please send me an e-mail and I will let you know the details.

Here is what Sam Allen says about Adria Dovetail Saw:

"The Adria Tools dovetail saw is a pleasure to use. The traditional handle fits comfortably in your hand. The hefty brass back keeps the blade rock stable and the rip teeth are sharpened to perfection. I recommend this saw" -- Sam Allen

No Nonsense, 100% One Year Money back Guarantee
There is no way you can possibly evaluate this saw in the measly 30 days that some firms give you as a return period. In fact, many firms won't allow you to return the product at all unless it was defective. If you want to order this saw, I insist that you do so entirely at MY RISK. That is why it comes with a No Risk, No Hassle, 100% Unconditional One Year MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE. What I mean is, I want you to order without feeling you might "get taken". I am a well respected saw maker with a reputation I plan on keeping. It's my name and my reputation that is on the line. Therefore, I want you to order this fantastic saw today...learn how to use it...put it into practice and then decide if it was worth the small investment into your woodworking skills. If for any reason you aren't completely satisfied, simply return it in salable condition for an immediate refund of your purchase price. You simply can't lose!

Please e-mail me to order or if you have any questions.

Thanks for stopping by!
Eddie Sirotich